Marijuana: Don’t Let This Happen To Your Family

ImageThere have been several recent stories in the media regarding various suicides. Suicides are increasing in incidence and this is partly due to the fact that many people have neither the foundation nor the skills necessary for handling the stresses of life. There are many reasons for this and this article will shed some light only upon one contributor at this time, but is the initiator of many other problems that can lead in the direction of this awful choice of ending life. Inappropriate usage of drugs, whether legal or not, causes many problems and it is so disappointing to see the misguided laws that a few states are putting into place to legalize marijuana which was just recently proven to lead to brain damage with long term usage. There are too many people who say that marijuana usage is not going to hurt anyone, but they are dead wrong. Please do not look to those elected leaders who admit to using this drug and then use their rebellious examples as a reason for justifying this, with the direction our country is heading under that same leadership. Synthetic marijuana (Spice, K2, etc.) was banned in several states, but it is still out there causing great harm; it is much more harmful than marijuana.

No amount of technical details will convince many people of the problems of synthetic marijuana, but maybe personal testimony from one lady will help to clarify what it can do: “My husband of 2 years is still alive after 18 months of using this drug but most days it feels as though he has died and sadly, most days I think if it would end all the sadness and suffering this drug causes, it may be easier to heal if he was… I had 4 children and was divorced when I got together with my husband, who was once my brother’s best friend. He was a wonderful man who took on my 4 children as his own and provided for them. I was utterly and totally in love and although I had had a rough time in my first marriage, I opened my heart to him. Things were wonderful for a couple of years and the kids still love him but about 18 months ago, not long after I fell pregnant with our first child together, he smoked this ‘legal’ drug to see what it was like. He had smoked real pot on and off previously and was always able to stop and just do it recreationally (not that I condone this either). A condition of us getting together was that he didn’t smoke anymore and for the these first 2 years we were both gym fanatics- he was in peak physical condition! Fast forward these last 18 months, we just had to sell our family home and I’m facing being a single parent again to 5 children… This drug has taken hold and he has a full blown addiction. We have not a cent in the bank and he has wasted $12,000.00 since July smoking this poison. I beg him daily, have gone to doctor appointments with him, taken him to detox (when we got there he wouldn’t go in as he doesn’t see himself like ‘those’ people) he has so far kept his job (which pays up to $1500 a week after tax so we should actually be quite well off) but he has just had the last 2 weeks off to smoke more so won’t be long until that’s gone too. I’ve been supportive but now feel the kids and I (our gorgeous daughter will be 1 in 5 weeks!) are in danger around him. He dropped her on her head yesterday, is aggressive when not stoned and has threatened to harm me and the kids if I refuse to give him money (I don’t have!) for this stuff. He has been taken to hospital twice in psychotic states and has turned a sickly shade of yellow which I can only put down to liver damage (he doesn’t drink at all!) he has been up vomiting for 3 – 4 hours most nights this week from about 1 a.m. so he is either getting VERY ill or is that addicted his body goes into withdrawals when he’s not smoking because he’s asleep.. This synthetic ‘marijuana’ is NOTHING like marijuana, so please don’t be fooled by the name… I fear it may be too late to save him or our marriage but hopefully someone thinking about trying it reads this and thinks twice.”


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