Making a Good Stew

The future of healthcare is one of the main driving factors behind the decisions being made by the electorate in this year’s presidential election.   Over the last several years, it has become more and more unaffordable for people to have health insurance and for those who are the most ill to even qualify for it.  To not have health insurance is to take a chance with bankruptcy.  People are hurting and are afraid of being hurt.  The situation is ripe for someone to come up with a solution.  During times like this, we must be careful to whom we listen given the swarming mass of talking heads in the media ready and willing to tell us all what we should think and do.  This stew that our government is cooking for us to eat is having some time to simmer.  We are starting to see what’s in the recipe, but haven’t even begun to taste the end product called the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, as it’s more commonly known.

Unless you are in the small minority of people who have a complete garden and farm with everything necessary to sustain yourself, you must go to the grocery store and buy what items you need to make your own stew.  Most people will put as much into their stew that they have themselves and supplement the rest of the items from elsewhere.  Making stew is a personal task and it can be tailored to what your tastes and even what your needs are at the time.   The results of making some good stew are wonderful and fulfilling.  There are some folks who buy a can of stew already made and take their chances as to what’s really in it; if that is what they want, that is fine, but I’ll take some homemade stew any day over that processed and packaged stuff.  For those of you who like making your stew, how would you like it if someone came to your home that you didn’t invite and there they were knocking on your door demanding to be let inside because they stated they want to help you?  This person stands over your shoulder and watches how you cut every piece of meat or vegetable and is quick to point out that you need to cut it a different way because they can’t count how many pieces you are putting in that pot with cutting such varied sizes and shapes.  They want you to stop what you are doing so they can test your knife and see if it’s clean enough and sharp enough.  Let’s not forget your hands, the sink, the kitchen counter, your refrigerator and freezer, the floor, the walls, the ceiling, and before long it has evolved into a complete dissection of everything you own and are around because they say any of these things will affect the stew.  Before long, you don’t have time to make stew anymore and no one even remembers how it all started.  You just wanted a good bowl of homemade stew.  If someone came to your home and put you through that kind of rigmarole, it would not be long before you would politely show them the door.

The freedom to live one’s life apart from a government with too much power was one of the reasons why this country was founded.  “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage” (Galatians 5:1).  America is at another crossroads in deciding if there will continue to be real freedom or a pale shade of it.  Our healthcare choices need to have individual freedom built into what is finally implemented for our healthcare.  There should freedom of the patient and the physician to have a relationship that is truly free of the constant over-the-shoulder, second guessing, eternally critical, backseat driving, arm chair doctoring that has become a daily distraction for doctors who really just want to  be able to take care of their patients the best that they can.


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