Focus on Hope and Freedom

If any candidate for office wants to tap into the mood of the majority of the electorate, the focus should be on hope and freedom. More specifically, it’s the feeling of the loss of hope and freedom that many see and feel occurring. In a recent poll done by Rasmussen (, only 14% of those surveyed felt that their children would be better off than them. There are many things that caring parents hope for their children and one of them is that they would like to feel that their children will have a better life than they did. It’s a sad statement in our day that so many have lost the hope that would occur for their children. To break down the survey numbers further, “65% of American Adults do not expect today’s children to be better off than their parents. Twenty-one percent (21%) are not sure what to expect.”
We are constantly bombarded with news of being watched by drones, cameras are popping up all over the country, and the basic means of law-abiding citizens protecting themselves is being threatened again by the liberal gun control advocates who want to use the United Nations to force their agenda on this country. The Affordable Care Act further threatens us with loss of freedoms as well and even takes aim at the church to force Christian institutions to violate their doctrinal beliefs. Freedom truly is under assault in many ways.
While so many have their thoughts directed toward the loss of hope and freedom, it is a prime time for those candidates who realize the opportunity to get elected by bringing forth the rhetoric, and the ideas, to give people a renewed sense of hope and freedom to be restored and maintained in America. If those messages can be brought forth in a believable way, we will have another Reagan moment in our country. For those who are evangelistic, this is a prime time to direct the disheartened to the hope and freedom that becoming a Christian could bring to the many, searching, lost souls in our country. The time is now and not later. The fields are white for harvest. Let those who have listening ears hear what God will speak to you, if you will ask Him, about how you can help bring hope and freedom back to America again. Anything is possible when enough of us set our eyes in that direction.


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