Fireworks In November ?

ImageMost people enjoy seeing some beautiful fireworks on the Fourth of July.  This last Independence Day celebration was marked by beautiful displays all over our country.  While fireworks are also traditionally bought during New Year’s Day festivities also, most of the time we think of them for Independence Day.  While watching some fireworks a few weeks ago in the midst of security and peace, I couldn’t help thinking about the sacrifices made by those during the Revolutionary War to help this land become free and also the countless lives that have been lost over all of the years since then to keep this country free.

So great a nation as ours will not stay great if we keep on the current road we are all traveling toward dependency upon the government to supposedly solve our problems.  During this last holiday, many were considering the path that our country is currently taking toward less and less freedom of its people.  Many people in America are giving up their freedom for what they think is the security of a government check.  Our founding fathers would cringe at the thought of what too many are agreeing to do in our day.  Benjamin Franklin certainly realized this when he wrote, “”When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

While there are many examples of the losses of freedom of Americans that are occurring too often now, the greatest of these is found in the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).  This law is one of the greatest assaults upon freedom that has been seen in our country.  The Supreme Court has clearly left the decision of whether this law stays as it is in the hands of the voters.  Those who love freedom and those who are independent-minded enough to think for themselves, apart from what the media tell them to think, must band together to educate everyone who will listen in our country of the dangers to our nation if the current Obama administration is re-elected.  This coming November’s election could very well be another day of independence this year if the patriots of this country will work together for a common cause of insuring that we keep our freedoms that our forefathers fought to obtain. 

Save up some fireworks for November and this country can celebrate again that night when hopefully we will see a change toward preserving freedom. 

Let freedom ring and not greater governmental control of every aspect of our lives.


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