It’s About Freedom, not Contraception

In November 2011, Mississippi voters failed to pass an amendment to the state constitution that would have identified life as beginning at conception.  Polls that were done only weeks before the vote showed that the measure would pass in this state that is identified by surveys as being the most conservative in the nation.  However, those polls started changing quickly after robo-call machines and millions of dollars of advertising churned out propaganda meant to cast doubt in the public regarding contraception’s legality if this were to be passed.  Even though the arguments posed by many liberal pro-abortion groups were false and deceiving of the public, there was enough confusion created that the conservative state showed its reluctance to accept the initiative by the majority voting against it. 

What has become apparent since that time is the burgeoning debate regarding contraception in our entire country.  The debate has entered the Republican presidential primaries having been escalated by the liberal media who feel that they have found a wedge issue to divide voters.  Mississippi’s Personhood Amendment failed after their tactics were tested in the state and now those same ideas have emboldened the liberal Democrats to push this issue of availability of contraception as a means of splitting conservative and independent voters. 

Besides the presidential primaries, the issue has become more prominent through the Obama administration’s foolish stance against churches who do not believe in contraception.  United States Attorney General Eric Holder has even stated that his office will fully enforce the law regarding fines of $100 per day per individual denied free contraception under what is popularly known as ObamaCare.  These kind of fines and court costs threaten to bankrupt any church that decides to abide by its doctrine.  The most prominent church threatened under the healthcare law is the Catholic Church and they have boldly defended their position.  In an apparent double standard, President Obama and Attorney General Holder decided that the Defense of Marriage Act, which is also law, would not be enforced.

The boldness of the Democrats on the position of contraception availability paid for by the taxpayers and companies (whether it’s against their conscience or not) has been emphasized again by the failure of the Democrat controlled Senate to pass the “Respect for Rights of Conscience Act” that was put forth by Republicans.  Democrats are relying upon polls which show that the public reportedly supports Obama’s position on birth control.  Scare tactics were used again in the Senate to keep the measure from passing and would have allowed for those who still have a conscience to be able to abide by it by opting out of paying for items that are against their conscience.

The idea of tolerance has been promoted extensively among liberals, but on this topic there is clearly no tolerance for anyone to have a different opinion than what they deem to be acceptable.  If there is disagreement, the courts now threaten them with jail and fines which could cause possibly severe financial damage, or even bankruptcy.  Freedom is being threatened to a greater degree than many people realize through acceptance of these new laws and through sanctioning this attack upon churches.  No one advocates forcing anyone to not be able to buy contraception and if someone wants it, they can buy it themselves.  No one is being hurt by not having someone else to pay for contraception. 

The debate in this country needs to be refocused from who should pay for contraception availability to debating who wants to promote freedom of people to think differently and follow their conscience.  I think the majority of the people in this country still support the right of people to have freedom of thought and freedom to follow their conscience.  Liberal Democrats tested their tactics with the failure of the Mississippi Personhood Amendment in 2011 and believe they will prevail in using this issue of contraception to help them keep the White House in 2012.  However, if independent thinkers will consider the real issues at play here, this issue could turn against the liberals through revealing how un-American it is to directly threaten churches, stifle freedom of thought, and force people into violating their conscience.


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