Lack of Knowledge Doomed Initiative 26

The failure of Mississippi’s Initiative 26 to pass is a shock to many people, especially since polls only a couple of weeks ago showed the initiative likely to briskly sail into it’s place in the state constitution. That was before the national media and pro-abortion groups began their campaign to cause confusion in the minds of those who initially voiced support for the measure. Even the governor of Mississippi, Haley Barbour, displayed his lack of knowledge regarding the difference between conception and fertilization (there is no difference). Eventually, Barbour stated that he would vote for the measure, but the way in which this was handled gave the impression that he did so reluctantly; whether this was purposeful or not is open for debate. Campaigns using robo-call machines were widespread and spewed confusion and outright untrue statements meant to cause mass misunderstanding. For a populace trying to understand an issue that became quite technical in the final few weeks before the vote, there was plenty of information available to confuse them, but a lack of widely available explanations to help people understand why they should vote for the measure. Most Christians know from where and whom confusion originates, but unfortunately many who call themselves Christians were confused and didn’t seek to understand the issue. Hosea 4:6 reads, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”, and only God knows how many children will be destroyed now because of that lack of knowledge.


One thought on “Lack of Knowledge Doomed Initiative 26

  1. We all want less abortions in the world, but when the population is over 7 billion, we need to be a little more picky about what is human, and to work together to make sure that the children who exist now are getting the nutrition and education they deserve.


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