“Don’t Ask, Don’t Care”

The current plan by Democrats in Congress to speed up the ending of the 1993 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law regarding homosexuals serving openly in the military, if passed, could be called “Don’t Ask, Don’t Care” since it’ll result in a military policy of not asking still, but because it won’t matter what is said, rather than the current policy of looking the other way as long as nothing is openly displayed. The first policy was put in place after homosexual activists, pressuring the Clinton administration, succeeded in getting this rationalized acceptance of what should have stayed like it was before 1993.

It is interesting that the 1993 policy was adopted during Clinton’s first two years in office which is the same scenario for Obama. Also, the policy change resulted in greater public disagreement with Clinton. I would imagine the same would be the result if this policy regarding homosexuals in the military does change in a liberal direction. With Obama’s approval rating being down to a record low for him at 42%, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, this renewed push for this policy change is certainly not going to help him. It very well could cause the November elections to end up even more like what happened in 1994 with a Republican takeover of Congress. I think the Democrats know their time is limited to do this and they are desperate to pass every liberal agenda item that they can while they still have time.

As soon as the announcement was made that Congress is getting more serious about changing the policy, out come the polls to spew the propaganda and tell us all what we should think about it. A CNN poll “finds nearly 80% of respondents support the right of gays to serve openly in the U.S. military.” A Zogby poll resulted in the statement in the article that an “overwhelming majority of voters (59%) chose military leaders as the most capable decision makers compared to (23%) who chose Congress. Almost one in five, (18%) were unsure.” These polls certainly demonstrate that the results of the questions depend upon how the question is asked. Liberals want us all to think that the majority in this country don’t care about the policy and want it repealed, but if they think that the military leaders should decide it instead, the obvious question is why would the majority, who supposedly want the law repealed, want the more conservative military leaders to make the decision? I think it is because there are great reservations in the public’s opinion about this and the public is not firmly committed to what we are told to accept.

Maybe they should do a poll among those who are actually in the military and ask people more specific questions such as (1) Are you okay with showering next to someone of the same sex that is an open homosexual?; (2) Do you think that this will affect the readiness of the military to respond to threats?; (3) Are you morally opposed to homosexuality?; and (4) Do you support the spending of additional money that would be necessary to build separate bathrooms at all military installations? There are many reasons to justify not allowing this policy to change in a more liberal direction and I don’t think the right questions are being asked. We are just being told what the majority liberal media want us to think. This new “Don’t Ask, Don’t Care” policy should be soundly rejected.


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