The Propaganda Shovel

The increase in incidence of negative media reporting lately on the Tea Party movement seems very coordinated and orchestrated. Within any group of people, even among church groups, there are going to be those who are with a group, but their actions don’t reflect that they are part of the group. The vast majority of people who are attending Tea Party rallies and other meetings are plain, everyday Americans who don’t want to be governed by the power-hungry politicians of whatever party that continue to strip away our freedoms with each year that they meet and pile more loads on the backs of the American people that they don’t want to carry themselves. It sounds a lot like what Jesus said about the Pharisees who did the same thing to those they were supposedly leading. Jesus had a lot to say about leading and one thing that is clear is that a true, Christian leader is a servant, not a lord over the people.

With the media’s use of propaganda lately, they are resorting to the same tactic the Bill Clinton’s team used in 1996 when he was trying to get reelected to a second term. They wanted to galvanize a certain segment of the population in their corner so there was a very coordinated reporting effort done of multiple church burnings which were occurring all over the southern part of the country. Of course, the media at the time labeled it all as “right-wing extremism” and “racism”. The very same arguments that they are using now, they used then, and they are trying to paint anyone in the Tea Party movement with a broad brush to take away any legitimacy and manipulate the American public once again. The real truth about what happened to those churches in the 1990’s is that Satanists were doing these acts.

Now we are seeing a coordinated movement again against anyone who disagrees with the policies of the “anointed” Obama. They are shoveling the propaganda in as fast as they can right now. This time, however, I think this time more people are wising up to the manipulation of the American public through the media. Scripture tells us to be as wise as serpents and as innocent as lambs. Let’s pray that God’s wisdom will prevail and that truth will reign.


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