Service: Yes! Servanthood: No!

While many of the states in our nation are cutting their spending and attempting to balance their budgets, our federal government doesn’t seem to know how to do this. As stated by the Congressional Budget Office, “Those accumulating deficits will push total federal debt held by the public to significantly higher levels. In 2009, debt held by the public jumped from $5.8 trillion to $7.5 trillion. CBO projects that by the end of 2010, that figure will rise to $8.8 trillion—at 60 percent of GDP, the highest level since 1952. Under the assumptions of the baseline, federal debt is projected to continue its upward climb, reaching $15 trillion (67 percent of GDP) by the end of 2020. With such a large increase in debt, plus an expected rise in interest rates as the economic recovery strengthens, interest payments on the debt are likely to skyrocket. CBO projects that the government’s annual net interest spending will more than triple between 2010 and 2020 in nominal terms (from $207 billion a year to $723 billion) and will more than double as a share of GDP (from 1.4 percent to 3.2 percent).” Also, by next year, federal debt will already be at 65 percent of GDP. The percentages that are projected are based upon the assumption that the GDP will rise by 50% from now to 2020. Looking at this on a per household basis, the federal public debt was $56,000 when President Obama entered office; it is currently at $72,000, and, by 2020, will be at a whopping $170,000 per household.
Approximately two-thirds of our federal budget is mandatory spending; this figure was only about one-third in 1965. If the mandatory spending continues to increase, our defense spending will decrease (discretionary spending). Mandatory spending increases by 50 percent by 2020 while discretionary spending is projected by the CBO to rise only 11 percent. The safety of our country could be in jeopardy in the near future while China continues to increase its military spending and buys a great portion of our federal debt.
The obvious question is how are these mandatory spending levels going to be able to continue to rise? Where are the politicians on a national level who will stand up and take the political fallout of trying to make cuts which are needed? The answer will be found in electing people who don’t look at a job in Congress as a career move for life, but are true servants who are willing to sacrifice what they want for what is needed.
All of this country will have to adopt a different mindset than the current one of victimhood and entitlement to receive what others make. Just as in many of the churches of today, there is a desire among too many in our country to be served, rather than to serve others. If someone chooses to donate their money, that’s Godly, but if it’s forcefully taken from you to give to someone else, that’s robbery. The churches will necessarily have to be good stewards of what they have and will need to reach out in their communities to help others. When a nation becomes so wealthy that it forgets God, the current situation is bound to occur. We will all learn to depend upon whom we should – God. If we are blessed, there will be revival of the church in America.


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