A School without God

We repetitively hear from many in our society today that our schools need to be neutral in regard to religion and that prayer cannot be a part of the public schools.  The ACLU has made it their mission to secularize America and remove any influence of Christianity from the public.  What these folks need to understand is that if that influence is removed, then the morality that is going to be followed is that which is going to be seen as originating from man.  There is no foundational reason for people to follow the guidelines of others if they are based upon mere human directives of how we should conduct ourselves with regard to respect and love for each other.

Very recently, a school in Naples, Florida, has been in turmoil after it was learned that students were participating in “kick a Jew day”.  Ten students were punished for one day with in-school suspension (which is certainly not going to send a strong message against this), the school has reminded everyone of the “code of student conduct” and now the school district has decided that they will “focus the first 20 minutes of each day on character traits, beginning with respect and kindness. Homeroom teachers will speak with the students about these traits and will focus on bullying prevention…” 

That sounds a whole lot like what used to be done in the public schools when prayer was a part of the daily routine.  The difference here is that there still will be no prayer.  Trying to teach morality without an authority recognized to be the originator of it will ultimately not work.  All that this will do is reinforce the rules that other humans have decided should be followed.  The students will have no reason to follow them because they are not being taught that there is a God to whom they will answer, that government is instituted by God, and respect for authority start with an understanding of God.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 1:7).  Unfortunately, until there is an understanding that God must be recognized again in the public schools, we will continue to see more and more results of what schools without God have become.


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