Global Government Power Grab

We continue to see more frequent examples these days of our leadership in this country and in other countries gravitating closer and closer to global government.  The reasons for global governance continue to be brought forth to us on a more regular basis in what appears to be a greater degree of seeking for justification of it to the American people who are generally resistant to it.  It will take something extreme and of grave danger to us, or the thought of the possibility of it, to make us agree to such a departure of our independence.  That is exactly what is known by those leaders who continue to salivate over the possibilities of increasing their power and control over others.  Therefore, to achieve the end goal of global governance they must get everyone to the point of acceptance of it somewhere along the time line ahead.

One of the more obvious examples of this is the “global warming” debate which is being debunked by more and more scientists now and is not believed by the majority of the American public.  We have this skepticism justifiably because of findings such as is reported this week on WorldNetDaily in which some hacked email reveal strong suggestions of fraud to support the need for a global accounting system to tax everyone for their carbon emissions.  The Dutch government is going to be taxing drivers by the kilometer starting in 2012 and will use global positioning devices to track their citizens for the purpose of sending them a bill for their usage.  The international community has been moving closer to adopting a global system of currency to be justified by the recent problems with the dollar, debt, and unstable economies all over the world.  Undeniably, the cause of combating terrorism worldwide has brought us closer and closer to global control.

Further examples could be given, but it is easy to see the general trend now.  The founding fathers of America understood a principle that is being lost today.  It’s a phrase that has been for many years and it hasn’t lost its truth:  “Absolute power absolutely corrupts.”  The citizens of this country do not need to seek to give over the independence that we have left out of fear or for any other perceived need.  If we do, we will most assuredly not continue to lead in the world, but will be a group of followers.  Who we will be following won’t be God.


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