A School without God

We repetitively hear from many in our society today that our schools need to be neutral in regard to religion and that prayer cannot be a part of the public schools.  The ACLU has made it their mission to secularize America and remove any influence of Christianity from the public.  What these folks need to understand is that if that influence is removed, then the morality that is going to be followed is that which is going to be seen as originating from man.  There is no foundational reason for people to follow the guidelines of others if they are based upon mere human directives of how we should conduct ourselves with regard to respect and love for each other.

Very recently, a school in Naples, Florida, has been in turmoil after it was learned that students were participating in “kick a Jew day”.  Ten students were punished for one day with in-school suspension (which is certainly not going to send a strong message against this), the school has reminded everyone of the “code of student conduct” and now the school district has decided that they will “focus the first 20 minutes of each day on character traits, beginning with respect and kindness. Homeroom teachers will speak with the students about these traits and will focus on bullying prevention…” 

That sounds a whole lot like what used to be done in the public schools when prayer was a part of the daily routine.  The difference here is that there still will be no prayer.  Trying to teach morality without an authority recognized to be the originator of it will ultimately not work.  All that this will do is reinforce the rules that other humans have decided should be followed.  The students will have no reason to follow them because they are not being taught that there is a God to whom they will answer, that government is instituted by God, and respect for authority start with an understanding of God.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 1:7).  Unfortunately, until there is an understanding that God must be recognized again in the public schools, we will continue to see more and more results of what schools without God have become.


Global Government Power Grab

We continue to see more frequent examples these days of our leadership in this country and in other countries gravitating closer and closer to global government.  The reasons for global governance continue to be brought forth to us on a more regular basis in what appears to be a greater degree of seeking for justification of it to the American people who are generally resistant to it.  It will take something extreme and of grave danger to us, or the thought of the possibility of it, to make us agree to such a departure of our independence.  That is exactly what is known by those leaders who continue to salivate over the possibilities of increasing their power and control over others.  Therefore, to achieve the end goal of global governance they must get everyone to the point of acceptance of it somewhere along the time line ahead.

One of the more obvious examples of this is the “global warming” debate which is being debunked by more and more scientists now and is not believed by the majority of the American public.  We have this skepticism justifiably because of findings such as is reported this week on WorldNetDaily in which some hacked email reveal strong suggestions of fraud to support the need for a global accounting system to tax everyone for their carbon emissions.  The Dutch government is going to be taxing drivers by the kilometer starting in 2012 and will use global positioning devices to track their citizens for the purpose of sending them a bill for their usage.  The international community has been moving closer to adopting a global system of currency to be justified by the recent problems with the dollar, debt, and unstable economies all over the world.  Undeniably, the cause of combating terrorism worldwide has brought us closer and closer to global control.

Further examples could be given, but it is easy to see the general trend now.  The founding fathers of America understood a principle that is being lost today.  It’s a phrase that has been for many years and it hasn’t lost its truth:  “Absolute power absolutely corrupts.”  The citizens of this country do not need to seek to give over the independence that we have left out of fear or for any other perceived need.  If we do, we will most assuredly not continue to lead in the world, but will be a group of followers.  Who we will be following won’t be God.

“Bye Bye” to the AMA

The announcement that the American Medical Association is now advocating the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies in our military is one more piece of evidence that the organization has departed from representing the majority of physicians in this country.  The AMA just recently threw it’s weight (which is shrinking) behind the passage of the current proposal for health reform, also, which has drawn the ire of the majority of physicians.  The AMA has membership which consists of only 17% of the physicians in this country now; it has been declining for many years now.


Further alienating themselves from the majority of Americans, the AMA also adopted a resolution stating that bans on homosexual “marriage” (quotes are mine) are contributing to health disparities for homosexual couples and the children in their households.  The AMA should be adopting a resolution acknowledging that those same health disparities are also due to the homosexuals’ lifestyle choices which are hazards to health, but this is just too politically incorrect for the AMA to consider such a medical fact.


Given that the AMA’s membership among physicians continues to decline, one certainly must wonder how they are able to financially able to keep putting out these liberal policy decisions that are an affront not just to physicians, but to the general public as well.  Most people are not aware of this, but most of the revenue to the AMA comes from a copyright which the AMA holds for CPT coding (codes used for medical diagnostic reporting).  These codes must be used for all Medicare billing and most private insurance billing by medical providers.  Therefore, their revenue is not mainly from membership dues anyway, but from overpriced books (several hundred dollars yearly in cost for these paperback books for an office).  The government granted the AMA this monopoly on these codes and they change every year so you have to buy the books every year.  Even court challenges have not stopped this unfair practice which leaves physicians with non-competitive prices for something forced upon medical professionals.  Congress should nullify this sweetheart deal and bring competitiveness to the process of providing this information.


The AMA’s membership will decline further, most assuredly.  In September, the Mississippi State Medical Association delegates voted 209-31 in support of no longer requiring its members to join the AMA.  The vote for de-unifying was after two hours of debate.  It remains to be seen how many Mississippi physicians will be leaving the AMA, but one thing is obvious from the vote—it won’t be a small number.  The AMA will, unfortunately, become more and more liberal in its policies as conservative physicians continue to look elsewhere for representation.  Personally, the vote for de-unifying was long overdue.  I had been a member of the AMA solely because of the desire to be in the state medical association and have long detested some of their positions.  I will not be continuing my membership any longer and never will renew it again.  My conscience won’t let me.

Emboldening the Thought Police

The Orwellian concept of the “thought police” is now coming more toward full circle with the signing into law of “hate crimes” legislation that would more appropriately be called “thought crimes” legislation.  I have never yet seen any case of a crime being committed out of love for the victim, so hateful attitudes are a theme common to criminal behavior.  Therefore, these laws are not truly intended to identify hateful behavior, but the thoughts of ther person committing the crime must be discerned through whatever is considered evidence in these cases.

In deciding that this nation is going to protect a behavioral lifestyle choice with civil rights protection, the way that this law will be interpreted will most assuredly be swayed in the very near future toward a liberal interpretation with broad implications that attempt to quell any debate or disagreement regarding homosexual acts.  What will be allowed to be considered evidence will be heavily debated.  Despite what those who wanted these ideas to become law have claimed, this law will be used to stifle religious speech and we will see it used to prosecute pastors who dare to speak out against the sin of homosexual acts in a public manner.  These prosecutions will start out by targeting those with the more vocal and aggressive speech that is viewed to incite violence against homosexuals.  We’ll see them target a preacher in the not too distant future and then get someone to implicate their preaching as a cause for their behavior choice of being a criminal toward someone who is a homosexual.  These test cases will be used to get the law interpreted the way they want so that precedents will be in place to put fear in the hearts of those pastors who would dare to continue to preach the whole Bible and any Christian who would dare object.

Another effect that is already being seen is that employers are going to be more likely to pass restrictive rules in the workplace to accomplish the same effect which is to stifle Christians who would want to witness to others in their workplaces.  WorldNetDaily has posted a recent story about a man who was fired for saying that homosexuality was wrong and he has been accused of “harrassment” (http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=114779). 

One thing is for sure: The wheat will be separated from the chaff.  In spite of what laws may be in place, the pastor must always continue to preach the whole Word and not just what is convenient or safe.  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” [2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)].  Just as Peter and the other apostles stated, “We ought to obey God rather than men” [Acts 5:29 (KJV)].