Blinded in the Face of Contemporary Genocide

An article on NewsMax this week (Black Abortions Outpace Seven Deadliest Diseases) would certainly generate more media attention if it involved several hundred thousand people being killed in this country each year in a way where the new “hate crimes” laws could apply.  It’s amazing that many of the leaders of organizations that profess to be advocates of blacks in this country also advocate that they vote for the very ones who want abortion to be so readily available and legal.  These “leaders” should wake up and start seeing beyond their limited viewpoint of who really is allowing for the destruction of the black community.  When will these “leaders” promote families with fathers marrying mothers and providing for each other and their children instead of constantly going on tirades to raise funds at every perceived wrong use of words by some?  Can’t these “leaders” see where their efforts should be placed?  When will those who claim the name of Christ, and even claim the title of “Rev.”, start advocating what really is representative of Christ through speaking out against abortion and everything else that destroys black families?  It’s time for some new thinking and not the same thinking of constant victimization that these “leaders” promote continually.  The real victims are those millions of babies that were never given a chance to live.


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